About Us

Welcome to HB GRIP, your premier destination for innovative grip and textile solutions! We are a cutting-edge company that specializes in providing high-quality products and services for a wide range of industries that rely on superior grip and textile performance.

Company description

Our company is based in Bucharest, Romania, and we deliver our products worldwide. We work directly with the biggest transport companies, and we always try to find the best shipping options for a fast, safe, and convenient delivery of your orders.

Our team

Our team has been directly involved in the film industry for more than 15 years, since many of our colleagues worked before as a keygrip, a focus puller or a cinematographer. As a consequence, our team perfectly understands the entire range of needs of the technical departments from the film industry. We always have open talks to you, our clients, therefore your project becomes our mission, whether it is about standard butterfly sizes or customized sizes, or refurbishing your old equipment. Our products use only top quality fabrics tested by directors of photography with great experience. Allow us to send you a quote of your next wish list and see for yourself just how competitive our prices are!

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