Bogdan Popescu | Rental Manager
Our Company has an experience for almost 20 years in the film bussines of the equipment rental. Over this years we work with several manufacturing comapanies. Advantage of HB Grip in front of the other manufacturers, experince on the set, professionalism, continuous inovation and the high quality of the materials. Over the time, whatever we ask them to build, they respond very prompt and come back with solutions that fulfill our budgets. Since they show up on the market, we buy from them all our textiles, (and they have all kind),frames,sandbags,flags and more.
BIG LIKE for the single/double scrim net.
Maurice Bossers | CSI
HBGrip is our preferred supplier for all our fabrics. The quality and diversity of their products is great, but their advice and support is even better!

We really appreciate how fast HBGrip can deliver, even specialized/customized items